ALI is the beating heart of the entire Alita.Finance ecosytem

1. General information

Ticker: ALI

Total supply: 100,000,000 ALI

Contract Address on BSC: 0x557233E794d1a5FbCc6D26dca49147379ea5073c

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

2. Distribution mechanics

ALI has a low fixed max supply of 100 million tokens with a 5-year distribution plan.

The amount allocated to the initial airdrop distribution is 5%, while 95% of the total supply is tightly scheduled in distribution activities across both the Alita.Finance ecosystem and its CEX partners’ trading platforms within five years.

To avoid inflation, AlitaSwap's token distribution mechanism provides that 20% fewer ALI tokens enter circulation (emissions) every six months.

At this early stage of development, the ALI allocation rates are balanced in a way that will encourage and incentivize users’ participation on both AlitaSwap and its CEX partners’ trading platforms. More particularly:

  • 47,5% (47,5 million) of the total ALI supply are set aside as incentives for trading participants on numerous CEX partners’ trading platforms.

  • Yield farmers on Alita are entitled to 23,75% of the total ALI supply while the remaining tokens (23,75%) will go toward rewarding staking participants.


  1. We did not raise any funds from public investors for launching and developing Alita.Finance. However, the project itself still represents a community-driven DeFi ecosystem because its native ALI token was created as a means of giving back to our global trader community for their genuine and continuous support. As such, ALI tokens function solely as rewards for our investors and 100% of the total ALI supply will be distributed within 5 years with no single ALI reserved for the team behind it.

  2. The ultimate goal of the Alita.Finance project is to shift investors from traditional finance to decentralized crypto marketplaces. In order for the project to achieve this long-term objective, the team has a strategic token distribution plan that aims to gradually increase the number of ALI distributed as rewards to various existing and upcoming investment options in the Alita.Finance ecosystem. We might also consider reducing the number of ALI tokens allocated to our CEX partners’ users over time.

  3. Our token distribution strategy can be very flexible depending on the new user growth rate on Alita.Finance, the demand for ALI tokens across the CEX and DEX sectors, the future crypto market conditions as well as any major changes in the global DeFi landscape.

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