NFT Gaming Launchpad

(Coming soon)

In addition to developing into a leading global DeFi hub for crypto enthusiasts, Alita.Finance has also been set to become an NFT gaming-focused launchpad and decentralized incubator that is committed to bringing new NFT gaming projects out of their early development stages quicker than ever before.

By allowing early-stage blockchain-based gaming projects to piggyback on top of an already established DeFi network that millions are using every day, Alita.Finance Initial Game Offering (IGO) launchpad enables small and emerging NFT games to increase their reach and visibility in the crypto ecosystem at large.

Alita.Finance’s vision is to become the go-to decentralized launching point for global NFT game publishers, making it not just a financial innovation but also an exciting new frontier in blockchain-based gaming. This ambitious plan also sets Alita.Finance apart from other DeFi protocols since it is the first decentralized exchange that acts as a launchpad for NFT-based games.

With this ambitious plan in hand, Alita.Finance is on a mission to disrupt the gaming industry by building bridges between crypto enthusiasts and aspiring blockchain game developers, while also providing early investment opportunities for crypto investors and speculators who are willing to find tomorrow’s blockchain-based game gems in today’s emerging NFT games.

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