ALI Use Cases

ALI is the native utility token of the Alita.Finance ecosystem. ALI is used as the primary incentive for users when trading across the Alita.Finance ecosystem or through our external CEX partners’ trading platforms.

For strategic CEX partners

  • Rewards for CEX traders: users are rewarded with ALI tokens for every trade executed via one of our CEX partners’ trading platforms. The amount of ALI tokens users receive as rewards are determined by the volume of each particular trade.

  • Membership level upgrades: CEX traders can use ALI to upgrade their membership levels and receive more exclusive benefits.

For Alita.Finance ecosystem

  • Staking incentives: users earn passive payouts in ALI by staking their ALI tokens into AlitaSwap pools.

  • Farm rewards: users earn lucrative ALI rewards in return for staking their LP tokens into our farms. By holding their LP tokens, which are proof of their funds in a liquidity pool, users also receive a fair and steady share of the swap fees.

  • Governance: ALI token holders will be able to submit and vote on proposals to influence Alita.Finance’s development and direction.

  • Lottery and prediction prizes: AlitaSwap lottery and prediction prizes are to be paid out in ALI.

  • Collateral and primary interest payment currency on AlitaSwap lending platform: our upcoming decentralized lending platform will use ALI as the primary payment currency. Borrowers paying loan interests in ALI will receive a discount. Moreover, ALI can also be used as collateral for loans.

  • Primary payment currency and access ticket for AlitaSwap IDO platform: ALI will be used as one of the primary payment currencies upon purchasing new tokens during IDOs. New projects that wish to launch their tokens via AlitaSwap need to own a certain number of ALI tokens in order to be eligible.

  • In-game currency and rewards: NFT game publishers can use ALI as their in-game currency. Game enthusiasts can use ALI to purchase in-game items, such as buying new characters. ALI can also be used as rewards for in-game activities.

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