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Start farming in just a few clicks

Let’s suppose you are a new DeFi user on AlitaSwap and you have only BNB in your MetaMask or Trust Wallet. You would like to farm the ALI-BUSD pair because this farming pool currently offers a 647% APY, which means you can multiply your initial investment by almost 7,5 times in just one year if you start farming this pair today.

However, the farming process is too complicated. First, you need to have two different tokens ALI and BUSD stored in your wallet (which you are currently lacking), then you need to add liquidity for the ALI-BUSD pair in order to receive ALI-BUSD LP tokens, and finally, you need to stake these LP-tokens into the ALI-BUSD farming pool to start farming. Sounds like a lot of work to do right?

Nevertheless, with AlitaSwap, decentralized farming will never be an intimidating task again. With our newly-launched “Quick Farm” feature, all it takes to start farming with us is one click away.

Alita.finance is on a mission to make DeFi easier and more accessible for everyone, so our users can experience the best in finance right from their desktops or mobile devices. The “Quick Farm” feature is one of the core products that help us with this mission.

Now, let’s take an up-close look at this innovative and easy-to-use feature.

There is a “Quick Farm” button below each available farm on AlitaSwap.

To start farming, you won’t have to add liquidity for a farming pair like before. Just simply click on “Quick Farm” underneath the farming pair you’d like to farm. There will be a popup showing the type of LP token required for that particular farm.

In case you don’t have the required LP tokens to start farming, click on the drop-down arrow underneath “Stake”.

A token list will pop up. Select the type of token you want to convert into the LP tokens required for that particular farm of your choice. You can convert only 1 type of token into LP tokens at a time.

For example, we will choose to convert 0.5 BNB into ALI-BUSD LP tokens. Click on the BNB icon to select BNB.

Then fill in the amount of BNB you want to convert into the respective LP tokens. After that, click on “Confirm & Farm”.

There will be a popup listing 4 separate transactions that need to be confirmed from your wallet, including Approve Zap, Zap In Token, Approve LP Farm, and Stake in Farm.

Head over to your wallet and click on “Confirm” to approve these transactions.

It might take a while for all the transactions to be processed and completed successfully, so please wait patiently until the four green ticks appear on the popup window, then you can click on “Completed”.

If the popup window doesn’t show “Completed”, please go through all the aforementioned steps once again.

And it’s as easy as that. Now you have successfully joined the ALI-BUSD farm.

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