Connect to Alita and use Alita Swap function with Trust Wallet (IOS)

This guide is written based on contents from the official community support page of Trust Wallet. Many thanks for their detailed guide for IOS users!

With the recent removal of the DApp browser on the iOS version of Trust Wallet, there is a lot of users that will be affected by this change. You can still access Alita by using your mobile browser.

Connect to Alita using WalletConnect

Step 1 - Open Alita App website on Mobile Browser

Type or Copy this URL on your Safari browser. Tap on Go to proceed. Or you can also use Google Chrome to open the site.

Step 2 - Access WalletConnect

Tap on the Connect button on Alita to see the Connect to a wallet menu. Choose WalletConnect.

On the list of supported wallets, choose Trust Wallet. Launch the Trust Wallet app by tapping on Open. For some users, Safari/Chrome will automatically switch to the Trust Wallet app so this step won't be necessary.

Step 3 - Connect Trust Wallet

The WalletConnect screen will show up on the Trust Wallet app. Tap on Connect to complete the connection of the app to the Alita DApp.

At this point, your Smart Chain wallet is now connected to Alita. You can now return to your Safari/Chrome browser to confirm.

Swap on Alita using WalletConnet

You can start swapping tokens on Alita as you would normally do on a DApp browser. There is just an additional step, wherein you will have to switch between Trust Wallet and your mobile browser in order to approve transactions.

1. Create a Token Swap

Here is how it looks when you are doing a token swap.

In this case, we tried to send first a Token Approval transaction. The Trust Wallet app has to be opened to confirm the transaction.

2. Approve the Transaction

Tap on Send to continue. Then to proceed with the actual swap of the tokens, we have to go back to the mobile browser and tap on Confirm Swap.

The Trust Wallet app has to be opened again to confirm the transaction.

To submit the transaction, tap on Send. You will see a notification on the mobile browser that the swap was completed successfully.

3. (Optional) Disconnect WalletConnect session on different IOS app versions

After testing on the latest Trust Wallet version, we find out that to check and interact with your Trust Wallet you don't have to disconnect the WalletConnect session by tapping on Cancel anymore. We recommend that you update your app to the latest version.

So this is a quick guide to this connect the WalletConnect section if you want to.

You can manage your WalletConnect sessions by going to Settings.

Press the WalletConnect button and find Alita.Finance section.

Press on the Alita.Finance section, now you can disconnect the current session if you want to.

For certain Trust Wallet versions, to check your wallet, you have to disconnect the WalletConnect session by tapping on Cancel. Open your wallet to see the token you have received after the completed swap.

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