How to Unstake from Farms

It's also quick and easy to stop farming on Alita at anytime

To unstake from any farm, click on the “Unstake” button.

There are two unstaking options on offer. You can choose to receive the unstaked amount in LP tokens (which can be used to stake into the respective farm later on) or in two separate tokens.

In this case, we’re opting for receiving ALI and BUSD separately by clicking on “ALI+BUSD”.

Fill in the number of LP tokens you wish to unstake. The value of your LP tokens in US Dollars is displayed in the “USD Value” section. Click on “Confirm & Unstake” to proceed further.

There will be a popup listing 3 distinct transactions that need to be confirmed from your wallet, including Unstake from Farm, Approve Zap Out, and Zap Out.

Head over to your wallet and click on “Confirm” to approve these transactions.

It might take a while for all the transactions to be processed and completed successfully, so please wait patiently until the three green ticks appear on the popup window, then you can click on “Completed”.

If the popup window doesn’t show “Completed”, please go through all the aforementioned steps once again.

Now you have successfully unstaked. You can go to your wallet to check the balance.

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