Share-to-Earn Program

Earn 6% bonuses on your referrals

Affiliate has long been one of the smartest ways to create regular passive income, which can help anyone who is hard-working and dedicated to the program reaches their financial dream. The Alita team is proud to introduce a new Affiliate program that will be a great way for all of our users to earn regular passive income from inviting their friends to Farm and Stake on AlitaSwap.

All users who connect their decentralized crypto wallets to AlitaSwap are eligible to participate in this program. Users can invite their friends by sharing their personal invite link, and receive 6% of the earnings their friends claimed from Farms & Staking Pools. The default bonus rate is 50% for the users and 50% for their invitees and can be adjusted to 100% for the users. There will be no limit on the number of new members that a user can invite. Rewards will be credited instantly after the invitees claim their Farm or Staking rewards.

How to create passive income with the Alita Affiliate program

1. Understand the rules

Our Affiliate program only rewards direct invitations (1 user invites 1 another user). You won’t be able to add these following invite links:

+ Your own invite link.

+ The invite link of users who you have already invited.

Please note that each user can only add ONE invite link ONCE. You CANNOT change the invite link that you have already added. Due to the nature of blockchain transactions, we CANNOT edit or revert your referrer.

The default invite link has the bonus rate of 50% for yourself and 50% for your invitees, which means 3% of the invitees’ claimed Farming and Staking rewards for you and the other 3% for your invitees. For example, if you invited a friend and he/she earned 10 ALI from either Farms or Staking pools, you will receive 3% of 10 ALI which is 0.3 ALI and your friend will receive the other 3% which is also 0.3 ALI.

You can create new invite links and adjust them to give you 100% of the invite bonus if you want.

The minimum amount of ALI rewards that you can claim is 3 ALI. There will be a small claim fee of 0.1 ALI every time you have successfully claimed your rewards by pressing the “Claim All” button.

You only receive invitation rewards when your invitees successfully claim their Farming or Staking rewards by pressing the “Harvest” button (for Farms) and pressing the “Collect” button (for Staking pools - choosing “Combine” or “Collect” will give the same result).

To start your Affiliate journey with AlitaSwap, go to the “Share-to-Earn Program” section and find your default invite link in the “My Links” part.

Your wallet may request you to sign a transaction to register for the program.

If you can’t see your default invite link in the “My Links” part, you will need to log out of Alita and connect again, then sign the transaction on your wallet to register.

You can create a new invite link by pressing the “Create new link” button.

Then you can adjust the bonus sharing rate to 100% for you if you want. You can also add a note to differentiate your invite links. Check the box if you want to set the link as the default invitation code. After that, press “Generate a referral link”.

Find your new invite link in the “Links” part. This newly created link hasn’t been set as the default link yet, so you need to press the “Set default” button if you want to set the link as your default invite link. The new default invite link will appear in the “My links” part.

Then you are all set to invite your friends using full customized invite links!

To add an invite link, tell your friends to first activate their “Share-to-Earn program” by signing a transaction to register for the program (like we instructed in part 2.). Then tell them to press the “Add your Referrer” button.

Give them your referral link to paste into the box. If you see an Error box, make sure that your friends have pasted the correct link. Then press “Confirm”.

Your wallet will ask you to sign the transaction, press the “Sign” button.

Now you have successfully invited your friend!

4. Check your reward statistics

Head to the section below the Claim rewards section to check your reward statistics.

The first part is your “Friend list” which shows the total number of friends you have invited as well as the total amount of ALI rewards they have claimed from the Farming and Staking pools since they became your invitee.

The second part is “Farms” which shows all your invitation bonus history from your friends claiming their Farms rewards. If the bonus sharing ratio is 50%/50%, there will be a reward history on both your account and your friend’s account.

The third part is “Ocean pools” which shows all your invitation bonus history from your friends claiming their Staking pools rewards. If the bonus sharing ratio is 50%/50%, there will be a reward history on both your account and your friend’s account.

The final part is “Links” which shows all the invite links you have created as well as the number of friends you have invited using these links and your note for each link if any. You can also change any link to become the default invite link by pressing the “Set Default” button.

5. Earn together as a team

Because you only receive invitation bonuses when your invitees claim their Farming or Staking rewards, and the amount of bonus you receive is proportional to the size of their fund, you will need to constantly encourage and help your friends find out the most suitable earning plan that maximizes their income as well as your invitation bonus.

In order to find out the best earning plan, you must balance the risk-reward tolerant of your friends by helping them choose the most suitable Farming pairs and Staking pools AlitaSwap currently offers, and encourage them to reinvest their rewards daily to earn compound interest over time.

A better future for everyone

Our plan is to build a great Defi ecosystem that provides everyone with powerful tools to earn the income they deserve, and we want investors, traders, crypto enthusiasts and affiliate marketers to join us on this exciting journey. The Alita Affiliate program offers all users an opportunity to create long-term, sustainable income, which can ultimately transform their financial situation.

We believe that by introducing the new Affiliate program, our already large and successful community of holders and traders will experience unprecedented exponential growth, resulting in enormous benefits for all participants in our Alita ecosystem.

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